Web ID: W6268
    Compensation: $55,000 to $60,000
    Education: Bachelor's Degree

This position provides an opportunity for the right person to manage a multi-million dollar business and manage all aspects of our operations.  The general manager is the leader that steers the direction of the team.  Experience is required in handling all breeds of dogs, as is various levels of certifications.

Job Description:
  • Must have 5+ years’ experience in animal industry, hospitality or restaurant management or other relevant sales/management experience.
  • Directly supervises all company management, indirectly supervises all staff during all hours of operation.
  • Directly accountable for all administration and operations, ensuring execution of all employee duties to guarantee maximum guest satisfaction and a quality work environment.
  • Responsible for achieving planned profit levels while ensuring maximum guest satisfaction.
  • Plans and analyzes our staffing levels, ensuring sufficient development and training for all employees, including management.
  • Plans and analyzes the administration and operations of company.
  • Ensures that all employment activities to include staffing (hire/separation responsibilities), scheduling, training, and performance reviews are conducted according to established procedures and in compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Approves and recommends salary increases. Oversees and coaches managers handling of employee relations, including on-the-job coaching, informal counseling, performance reviews, corrective actions and separations.
  • Ensures our compliance to productivity and service standards with a sufficient number of well-trained employees. Establishes standards where none exist.
  • Ensures proper management of the facility and equipment through preventive maintenance, energy conservation, repairs, security measures, and adherence to safety and sanitation requirements.
  • Anticipates, identifies and corrects system breakdowns to achieve guest and customer satisfaction. Responsible for all communication with regard to system breakdowns and deficiencies.
  • Accountable for accurate financial data to include: payroll, cash and receipts, productivity, supply costs, security of funds, and operating expenses.
Job Requirements:
  • At least 5 years prior managerial experience at the GM level, managing minimum $1.5M sales revenue.
  • Currently working as GM or higher
  • Excellent work history and references with a record of career progression
  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Business or related area
  • Genuine passion for pets and their owners.
  • Ability to train, motivate and manage employee performance consistently and fairly, using praise and corrective actions as appropriate.
  • Ability to develop management team by delegating day-to-day operations and coaching assignments
  • Strong attention to detail, planning, and organizational ability, and an outstanding customer service attitude.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with customers.
  • Ability to manage quality services and control expenses, particularly payroll expenses.
  • Strong budget, forecasting, and cost control skills. Ability to produce consistent profits.
  • Understand how day-to-day operations impact P & L
  • Ability to evaluate and improve work flow processes and procedures.
  • Planning, analysis, time management skills integrated into management style

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