Web ID: TSG6281
    Local Location: Midtown
    Compensation: $60,000 - $65,000
    Education: Bachelors Degree
    Benefits: Excellent

Manage and oversee the receiving, handling, storing, picking, and packing activities within the warehouse, ensuring quality standards are met. Exceptionally detail oriented, and able to track multiple facets of the warehouse at any given time. Must achieve inventory accuracy, coordinate orders, and track shipping times, ultimately overseeing the fulfillment of large volumes of product orders and ensure maintenance of the facility while supervising warehouse staff.

Job Description:
  • Supervising staff (up to 10) in the warehouse as they prepare & complete orders for delivery or pickup (load, pack, wrap, label, ship).
  • Manage inventory and make recommendations regarding stock levels, reorder points, and products, assist with inventory management through counts, reorders and sales activity.
  • Fulfill shelf stock items.
  • Receive and process warehouse stock products.
  • Perform inventory controls and keep quality standards, a clean & safe working environment. Complete logs and report discrepancies, operate and maintain warehouse vehicles and equipment.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Warehouse management experience required.
  • Understand and utilize operations, strong communications, common sense and interpersonal skills. Ability to take initiative, supervise, multi-task, plan and prioritize work activities.
  • VERY Proficient with computers and software applications to include warehouse management software.
  • Required to lift up to 50 pounds for lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling.

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